We are the designer and maker of ceramic commemorative blue plaques for the official English Heritage Blue Plaque Scheme. We have made over 300 plaques since 1984 for institutions, civic societies, local authorities, the GLC and private clients. Our main client is English Heritage who first commissioned us in 1994, for whom we have made over 200 blue plaques.

Our circular ceramic plaques are cast in a standard mould and are fired to a high stoneware temperature which makes them very durable and virtually maintenance free, the slightly domed surface allowing natural run off of dirt and rain. The finished size would be 495mm diameter x 50mm thick. The handcrafted lettering is usually white and is produced by the traditional technique of piping on tube lining; this isolates the white glaze from the contrasting coloured background glaze. The resulting slightly concave/relief finish appearing like a carved classical inscription is the superior technique, as other methods are less legible and less aesthetically pleasing. We normally provide a 12mm wide border in white, by the same method. We can offer a range of colours for the background glaze. They include dark blue, brown, slate grey, lighter grey, lavender and black. English Heritage prefer private clients not to choose blue as they run the official blue plaque scheme. The standard plaques are designed to be set almost flush with the face of the brickwork/masonry/stucco etc. This involves chasing out a circular rebate some 50mm deep, then bedding and pointing the plaque in mortar. We have also produced and installed a few surface mounted plaques as required on some listed buildings. This involved adapting the plaque in the leather hard stage, which incurred extra expense.

The installation of the plaque into the brickwork is an important aspect. It is usually more economic for private clients to commission a local mason or bricklayer to install their plaque and provide the scaffolding/ tower frame. We can supply guidance on methods of fixing and the materials and equipment required.

Another important consideration is planning consent, which must be applied for through the local authority.

If you are interested in commissioning a private plaque, please contact us at:

Frank and Sue Ashworth:

+44 (0)1726 870 282

Justin Ashworth:

m +44 (0)7931 977179

(Jimi Hendrix plaque photograph is copyright of English Heritage and used by their kind permission)

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